Support Needed

At its initiation in 2013, the AEF financial target was to create a KES 1.5 billion revolving fund which would support over 12,000 needy students over a five year period (an estimated 2,500 beneficiaries per year). To date, AEF has received over KES 600 Million being contributions from both the public and private sector institutions. As at January 2016, AEF had supported over 9000 needy students. For continuity and sustainability of the fund, the current AEF partners are seeking collaboration and partnership with county governments, individual sponsors, foundations and corporates to pledge and contribute to this noble initiative. Strenghthening the financial base of the AEF, ensures that more pre-service students from mid-level health training colleges continue to access training fees and transition into the workforce.

How you can support

Contributing partners can choose their kind of support to students. They can either support the student’s full training package or tuition only. The estimated cost of training one student per year at KMTC is KES 122,500. Pledge a donation now by filling the form below and we will get in touch with you.

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