The Rattansi Educational Trust was started in 1956 by Mr Mohamedally Rattansi and his wife Maniben. Mr. Mohamedally after spending over 50 years in East Africa  decided to establish an Educational Trust to help needy students. The Trust was based in Kenya where he had lived most of his life, before retiring to his farm in Uganda. The Trust established in colonial Kenya, helped all regardless of race.

The Mohamedally and Maniben Rattansi Education Trust, was established in 1956 as a result of the philanthropic thoughts of Mr. Mohamedally and his wife Maniben who strongly believed in social justice and the centrality of education in the advancement of individuals. Their vision is that “Education Lights the path to development” and the main aim of the Trust is getting Kenyans out of poverty. The Trust offers bursaries to students from poor families.

After the death of his parents, who were the founders, the late Dr. Hassanally Rattansi took over management of the Trust on July 28th,1957 and the chairmanship in 1962. A big-hearted man, Dr. Hassanally worked for the Trust with a grand sense of duty. Together with his wife Dr. Vijoo Rattansi, they devoted their lives to administering and developing the Trust. Dr. Vijoo Rattansi took over the chairmanship after her husband’s death in 2003.